100+ AdSense High CPC Keywords List In USA 2022

100+ AdSense High CPC Keywords List In USA 2022

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Google ads (Adsense) are one of the best ways to make money online, this method is mostly used by bloggers. But finding high CPC keywords can be a headache for any newbie blogger and they don’t know where to start. In this post, I have shared AdSense High CPC Keywords In India and other respective countries which are in demand so you can target them with your AdSense blog and also Google AdWord campaign.

100+ AdSense High CPC Keywords List In USA 2022

This article is a compilation of 100+ High CPC keywords 2022, which you can use to start your advertising campaign. These keyword lists will help you to find the right niche and dominate your competition on Google.

100+ AdSense High CPC Keywords List In USA 2022

AdSense is one of the most used monetization tools for bloggers. The AdSense program enables users to display relevant ads on their website, and in return, they receive a portion of the money spent by the advertisers. When you are using Google AdSense on your site, you need to provide content that is related to your niche. If you use keywords that have low competition, then it will be easier for you to rank higher in search results for those keywords.

What are high CPC keywords?

PPC advertising is a difficult topic to understand. Even those who have experience in traditional advertising find the idea of bidding on keywords and paying per click confusing. Knowing what keywords drive high CPC (cost-per-click) is essential for any PPC campaign. Understanding the value of these high CPC keywords will help you optimize your campaign, lower your costs, and ultimately improve ROI.

High CPC keywords are typically longer phrases that are less competitive. Finding these keywords will require a bit of trial and error, as well as some time spent researching competitors. You can also use this list of 100+ AdSense High CPC Keywords.

CPC keywords are keywords that have a high cost per click. These are usually the ones that have the most competition because they have a high demand and the visibility of a high number of clicks. The CPC is determined by how many people are looking for that keyword in their search engine, and how much they are willing to pay for an ad.

The first secret, which isn’t really a secret, is to write great headlines. 8 out of 10 people will click to read your content if you get the headline right.

What is CPC?

The cost per click, or CPC, is the amount you’ll have to pay every time someone clicks on your ad. The higher CPC keywords allow businesses to target an audience that is actively seeking out their services or products.

For example, if a plumber has a high-value keyword like “plumbing”, they can charge more money every time someone clicks on their ad. They are able to find out what other plumbing services are being searched for in the area and charge accordingly.

Why do you need to know about high cpc keywords?

A high-paying keyword is one that pays a lot of money for the number of clicks it generates. There are many reasons why these keywords might have a high conversion rate, but the best high CPC keywords have a few things in common:

1) They are specific

2) They are relevant to the searcher’s query

3) People who click on them are ready to buy

4) They have low-competition

5) They have an appropriate search volume

6) They are easy to rank for

AdSense is the most popular advertising network. It’s also very lucrative and it can be used to monetize your blog or website. In this article, we will share with you 100+ AdSense high CPC keywords that you can use in AdWords campaigns to generate more revenue from your websites or blogs.

Top high CPC keywords in USA 2022

I am aware that some keywords are expensive and difficult to rank. if you are looking for the best high CPC keywords with less competition. Here is the best High CPC keywords list you can check and decide on for your next campaign as blogging or something else:

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
Insurance100K – 1M$43
Lawyer100K – 1M$41
Mortgage100K – 1M$24
Attorney100K – 1M$18
Donate100K – 1M$16
Conference call10K – 100K$21
Degree100K – 1M$21
Credit100K – 1M$20
Electricity100K – 1M$13
SEO100K – 1M$11

Top Highest Paid Keyword For Blog Niche

  • Insurance $43 CPC
  • Education $37 CPC
  • Marketing & Advertising $32 CPC
  • Online Banking $19 CPC
  • Finance & Investing $32 CPC
  • Lifestyle $16 CPC
  • Photography & Film Making $11 CPC
  • Software $21 CPC
  • Web Hosting $13 CPC
  • Automotive $19 CPC
  • Real Estate $12 CPC
  • Medical $18 CPC


KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
auto insurance quotes40.500$ 103.05
workers compensation insurance14.800$ 103.02
car insurance quotes165.000$ 97.61
compare car insurance online170$ 93.57
buy car insurance online1.600$ 89.65
auto insurance165.000$ 86.77
commercial auto insurance9.900$ 84.74
small business insurance14.800$ 82.63
professional indemnity140$ 80.54
general liability insurance5.400$ 77.06
e&o insurance8.100$ 76.07
business insurance40.500$ 75.26
car insurance368.000$ 75.20
insurance quotes135.000$ 73.91

Lawyer Keywords

  • motorcycle lawyer $ 317.61
  • automobile accident lawyers $ 244.03
  • auto injury lawyers $ 241.30
  • accident claims lawyers $ 239.51
  • mesothelioma law firm $ 232.67
  • accident attorney $ 222.56
  • accident lawyers firm $ 214.14
  • accident lawyer $ 189.58
  • car wreck lawyer $ 186.39
  • car lawyer $ 176.11

Mortgage Keywords

  • home refinance $ 75.23
  • the best mortgage refinance companies $ 74.39
  • refinance home loan $ 66.59
  • mortgage preapproval $ 66.12
  • best place to refinance mortgage $ 65.90
  • refinance mortgage $ 63.57
  • best refinance companies $ 62.37
  • best refinance rates are $ 60.61
  • kidney foundation car donation of $ 55.98
  • unicef donation of $ 54.15
  • reputable car donation charities $ 49.68
  • npr car donation of $ 47.07
  • donate money to charity $ 46.28
  • best car donation charities $ 43.14
  • cancer research donation of $ 41.22
  • donating to charity $ 39.73

Degree Keywords

  • msw online $ 122.51
  • msw programs $ 107.04
  • masters in social work $ 98.26
  • online psychology degree $ 94.63
  • online colleges $ 93.02
  • online social work degree $ 90.35
  • msw degree $ 81.60
  • psychology courses online $ 80.89
  • online business degree $ 80.76
  • elementary education online $ 75.00
  • online mba programs $ 71.99

SEO Keyword

  • dental seo company $ 149.33
  • seo reputation management $ 97.36
  • seo copywriting services $ 97.16
  • international seo services $ 97.13
  • international seo agency $ 95.03
  • seo for plumbers $ 88.26
  • seo marketing experts $ 76.92
  • seo for an ecommerce website $ 75.93
  • b2b SEO services $ 72.15

Web Hosting Keyword

  • the best cloud hosting for wordpress $ 123.20
  • wordpress hosting services $ 110.93
  • dreamhost web hosting $ 107.26
  • best wordpress hosting 2021 $ 97.24
  • wordpress cloud hosting $ 93.88
  • best managed wordpress hosting $ 90.83
  • premium wordpress hosting $ 88.94
  • fastest wordpress hosting $ 88.30
  • dedicated wordpress hosting for $ 86.48
  • wordpress VPS hosting $ 82.79
  • cloud-based hosting providers $ 82.09
  • best wp hosting $ 79.37
  • wordpress domain and hosting $ 73.39
  • wordpress hosting $ 72.20
  • best Magento hosting $ 70.10
  • month to month web hosting $ 69.05
  • VPS WordPress $ 67.16
  • wordpress hosting sites $ 62.03
  • best WordPress hosting sites $ 61.97

Software Keywords

accounting software $ 53.56
project management software $ 49.39
aomei backupper $ 39.21
dental software $ 38.08
crm software $ 38.02
erp software $ 37.26
pos system $ 36.74
crm $ 36.41
Zoho people $ 32.62
crm system $ 32.37
project management tools $ 31.57
sap business one $ 31.10
cmms $ 30.57
software development $ 28.71

Medical Keywords

medical billing and coding $ 56.30
medical billing $ 32.72
air ambulance $ 31.62
medical coder $ 27.66
emr systems $ 22.87
medical care $ 17.03
online prescription $ 16.75
emrs $ 15.55
private healthcare $ 12.83
emergency medicine doctor near me $ 12.14
weight loss clinic $ 10.69
st joseph medical center $ 10.55
medical student $ 10.32
medical practitioner $ 10.12
uber health $ 9.37
weight loss clinic $ 9.36
western medicine $ 9.26
mental health care plan $ 9.10

Top 13 AdSense High CPC Countries List

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Australia
  4. Sweden
  5. Canada
  6. Finland
  7. Denmark
  8. Netherlands
  9. Germany
  10. Switzerland
  11. New Zealand
  12. Italy
  13. Brazil

How to find high CPC keywords?

Finding high CPC keywords is a difficult task. Finding low competition keywords is the first step. There are many places to find keywords other than Google Adwords, such as your own website, competitors’ websites, and more.

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After finding some good keywords, you need to do some keyword research. The best way to research keywords is by using the Google Adwords Keyword tool and finding out the cost per click of your keyword. This will determine how much money you could potentially make from that keyword in a month.

My experience with high CPC keywords

The issue with CPC keywords is that the market is oversaturated. There are way too many people bidding on these keywords and too many advertisers fighting for the same space on a Google search results page. This makes it very difficult to be seen and to have your page stand out.

100+ AdSense High CPC Keywords List In USA

What can you do to get around this? Well, there are two things you can do. First, you can simply hope for a miracle. But that’s not an effective strategy. High CPC keywords The second thing you can do is diversify your content by incorporating other traffic sources such as social media.


How does CPC work in blogging?

Keywords are referred to as CPC, or Cost per Click. If your site gets clicked on these keywords, this is often the amount you will be paid by Google.

What are high-paying keywords?

Keywords with a high CPC are those for which advertisers (Adwords) bid the highest.

What is the highest CPC in India?

In India, the highest Adsense CPC is 1 to 5 dollars in some of the highest paying niches for blogs

What are the highest-paying blog niches?

Some of the highest paying niches are Make Money Online, Social Media Marketing, Finance & Investing, and Educational Videos.

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Conclusion: In order to maximize your revenue from AdSense, you have to find the right keywords for your content. These key phrases are going to be used in your ad text and throughout your content so it’s important that you get them right.

Using the list of high CPC keywords in this article should help you do just that! You can check out the full list of AdSense High CPC keywords in this article. We hope these will help you increase your earnings with Google Adsense.

100+ AdSense High CPC Keywords List In USA 2022

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